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Mikhailovna Maikova

Russia • 1899−1998

A naive artist. B. in D. Brjuhanova Rzhev. in the cross. the family attended the local deacon. From 1942 she lived in the village of Village Kimry district. Worked as a cleaner, a courier, a postman. The first film was written with gouache in 79 (1978), independently mastered the technique of oil painting (1984). Among the works: "Volga. Rzhev" and "My house" (1984, 1986, Kimry local history. Museum), "the Grove" (1987,Kostroma region Museum of fine arts.. art), "the Astronauts" (1989, ROS. state House Nar. creativity), "God our Savior" and "Katyusha" (1990, Tver. state House Nar. creativity), etc. Personal exhibitions: in Moscow (1986,1987), Tver (1987), Ostashkov (1988) and other cities. M. - member of the Intern. exhibition "Naive artists of the world" (1990, Moscow). Triennial of naive art (1994, Bratislava), "a Naive claim of Central Russia" (1997, Ivanovo). Mind. and buried in the village of Selishte.

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