Glebovich Makarevich

Russia • born in 1943

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Was born in 1943. in the village of Trialeti in the Georgian SSR. In 1951. he moved to Moscow. In 1955 62гг. he studied at the secondary art school in Moscow (mshsh), in 1962 68гг. - at the faculty of arts all-Union state Institute of cinematography (VGIK). In 1970. became a member of the Union of artists of the USSR. In 1968 71гг. worked as an artist on the Central television. Since 1970. was engaged in book illustration, designed theater. Since 1980. was engaged in monumental art. In 1984. received the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. Participates in exhibitions since 1968.

I. Makarevich stored in the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow; State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg; the Moscow Museum of modern art; the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France; the Library of Congress, Washington, USA; Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; Berlin Museum-the gallery of modern art, Germany; the Museum Zimmerli at Rudgers University, USA; the Nasher Museum at Duke University, USA; the North Carolina Museum, USA, and others, as well as in private collections in USA, Italy, UAE, Norway, Switzerland, Greece, Hong Kong, France, Germany and Russia.

Personal exhibitions:

1979 – exhibition at Vavilova St., Moscow*

1979 – "Chuikov, Abramov, Makarevich", Paris, Beaubourg

The 1990 "Closed fish exhibition" (with E. Elagina), MANI Museum, lobnia - Moscow*

1990 – "freedom - liberty" Fi kind gallery, new York, USA

1992 – "In the limits of the sublime" (with E. Elagina), L gallery, Moscow

1992 – "Three views", NCCA, Moscow*

1993 – "Girls and death" (with e Elagina), gallery Velta, Moscow

1993 – "Between abandonment and hope", gallery Velta, Moscow

1993 – "Closed fish exhibition" (with E. Elagina), gallery Kringsjå Ernst, Cologne, Germany*

1994 – "Life on snow", Russian Museum (Marble Palace), St. Petersburg

1994 – "the Story writer", Central house of artists, Moscow

1994 – "the Seagull", Art III Inga Gebbert, Berlin

1995 – "croquet", gallery OBSCURI VIRI, Moscow*

1995 – "Life in the snow. Journey on the ice", Kringsjå-Ernst gallery, Cologne

1995 – "How to survive in the summer snow", gallery "Coats", Moscow

1996 – "Lignomania", XL Gallery, Moscow*

1997 – "Partial change", OBSCURI VIRI, Moscow*

1997 – "Homo Lignum" XL Gallery, Moscow*

1998 – "Quest for Paradise", XL Gallery, Moscow*

1998 – "The Diaries Of I. N. Borisov. Favorites", international print Studio, Alexandria, VA

1999 – "Selected passages from the records of Nikolai Ivanovich Borisov or the secret life of trees", XL gallery, Moscow*

1999 – "Homo Lignum 99", Sрider and Mouse, Moscow

2000 – "Shwedagon", the photographic documentation of actions, "DOM" center, Moscow

2000 – "Museum of Borisov", center EDSVIK, Sollentuna, Sweden

2000 – "Visionary Borisov. Within the beautiful" CSI, N. Novgorod

2000 – "Drawings of old Soviet masters", XL gallery, Moscow*

2000 – "NOMA" (with Elagina), the Museum of pathological anatomy of animals at Veterinary Academy of St. Petersburg

2000 – "Three visions" Art Museum, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

2001 – "Zooanthroponosis" workshops "Art Moscow" Central house of artists

2000 – "the Prodigal daughter", the Museum "stationmaster House", Expression station

2000 – gallery "Navicula Artis", St. Petersburg

2000 – "In search of lost time", gallery Krings-Ernst, Cologne

2000 – "the Evidence of harmony", Yaroslavl art Museum

2000 – "Book of splendor" international Center of hand printing, Alexandria, VA, USA

2000 – "Iron fly", XL gallery, Moscow*

2000 "Pest", workshops of Art-Moscow, Central house of artists, Moscow

2000 – "masters of Russian mythology", gallery K, Washington

2000 – "Graphics 1993-2003", Pinakoteka, Moscow

2000 – "pagan", XL gallery, Moscow*

2003 – "HOMO LIGNUM 03", NCCA, Moscow

2005 – "within the beautiful", state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow*

2007 – "Russian idea", gallery House of Art

2007 – "Russian idea", XL gallery, Moscow

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