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Iosifovich Reikhet

Russia • 1922−2000

(In the list of Islands well.R. 18.08.1922 G.) Diploma thesis in the CVC - "Twilight at the well," an estimation is excellent. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of the artist painting.

Painter, people's artist of Russia, was born in Odessa oblast, the village of Topaz in a family of teachers.

From 1938 to 1940 he studied at the physico-matematicheskom faculty of the Odessa State University.

1939-1940 - a teacher of mathematics in lozuvats'ke high school in Odessa region. In 1940, the Komsomol appeal is directed in Vol aeronautical school. From 1942 to 1945 - the participant of the great Patriotic war. In 1945 demobilised and entered the Odessa art College.

From 1949 to 1955 studied at the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin in the Studio of V. M. Oreshnikov.

1956-1958 G. G. - graduate student of the Institute. I. E. Repin.

Since 1957, begins teaching at the Department of painting and composition Institute. I. E. Repin in the Studio of V. M. Oreshnikov.

In 1975 he was elected Professor of painting and composition.

For many years he taught in the workshop along with Boris Sergeevich by Paronym. When there was no B. S. Ugarov, ran a personal workshop in the Institute. Repin and creative workshop of the Russian Academy of arts.

The work of Viktor Iosifovich are always powerful colouristic principle in his works. The master had found his own style. From the first steps of creative work has created the largest works which are in the leading museums in the country. Among them: "Twilight", "Evening at column", "the Soldier". Created a series of landscape paintings: "Winter", a sketch for the painting "On the field", "Jetty on the island", "Before the storm at the Hangar".

The artist was fascinated by the picturesque beauty of the plant, captured the spectacle of hot shops, working Steelworkers. Over the years he has created a true gallery, expressive images, which can be attributed to the highest artistic achievements of the master. One of the reasons for his good luck the hard work from nature. The artist managed to Express a kind of hard transmitted the beauty and romance of factory life. A special place in the works of V. I. reihet takes a tremendous amount of portraits of Larissa Nut, wife of the artist, a loyal friend all the way of creativity.

Rachet, Victor I. made several creative trips to France, Germany, Russia, including the Baikal. Participant of the largest exhibitions in the country and abroad.

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