Vasilyevich Sokolov

Russia • born in 1915

(1915, Petrograd), People's Artist Of Russia. Laureate of the State prize of the USSR. Professor. In 1946 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin in the Studio of B. V. Ioganson (thesis "the Entry of red army troops in Novgorod"). Bright representative of the Leningrad school of painting of the second floor. Of the twentieth century. The successor of the creative traditions of the Russian impressionism of the period of the "Union of Russian artists" (1903-1922). He currently supervises the personal workshop in the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin. 1996 personal exhibition of Vladimir Sokolov has repeatedly held in the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Works are in State Russian Museum.

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