Fedorovich Kolesnikov (Odessa)

Russia • 1879−1955

Born in the village of Adrianople, now Luhansk oblast. In 1897 – 1903 he studied at the OXY (with K. Kostandi and G. Ladyzhensky), 1903 – 1909 in St. Petersburg Academy of arts (I. Repin, Vladimir Makovsky and A. Kiselev). After AH got the title of the artist and the right to pensionerstvo overseas (1910 – 1912). Since 1905, the constant participant of exhibitions TPHV, OH. Member Church, Islands them. A. Kuindzhi. In 1909 he received a gold medal at the 10th International exhibition in Munich. The works were successfully exhibited in solo exhibitions in Petersburg, Moscow, Belgrade, Paris, Prague. Lived in St. Petersburg, Odessa, and after 1920 – in Belgrade, where he was a Professor of the Belgrade Academy of arts.

Of the peasants, the brother of the painter Ivan Kolesnikov (1887-1829). Grew up in a HOMESTEAD near Odessa. In 1897-1903 he studied at the Odessa art College. In 1903 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, studied at I. E. Repin, A. A. Kiselev, and V. E. Makovsky. In the years of study received a scholarship Slavic - Serbian Council. In 1909 he received the title of artist and overseas pensionerstvo for the painting "Spring". In 1909-11 as a pensioner AH worked in Germany, France and Belgium, visited Capri, where he became acquainted with M. Gorky. He painted landscapes of the southern Russian steppe with figures of men and horses, melting snow, floods, spring thaw, the fields plowed black soil. Worked in Bessarabia, Podolsk in the Carpathian mountains, went to Bulgaria and Serbia. In 1913 he made a trip on camels in Turkestan and China. Paintings, written under the impression of the East, published in magazines "Niva" and "Light". Jo 1918 participated in the Spring exhibitions in the halls of Academy, the Association of traveling art exhibitions and TURN in mobile "Salon" of V. A. Izdebsky (1909/10). Held a personal exhibition in the halls of the OPKh(1912). Received numerous awards OPH and competition. A. I. Kuindzhi. Was very popular and worked a lot on the orders of collectors. In the years of world war I performed the painting on the military theme that was exhibited at a charity exhibition "Artist - soldier" (PR., 1916) and published in the magazine "Chronicle of war". In 1919, he emigrated to the Kingdom of CXC. He lived in Belgrade. Worked as an art teacher in the Russian-Serbian gymnasium (1920 - 24 ) and set designer in the National theater (1921 - 26 ). Completed the painting of the plafond of the main hall of the National theater (1922), paintings of interiors of hotel "Palace"(1923), the Adriatic - Danube Bank (1925), city hospital (1927). Wrote genre paintings, landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Held solo exhibitions in Belgrade(1921, 1926), Prague(1926) and Paris (1927). Participated in a Large exhibition of Russian art in Belgrade (1930). Presented in state Russian Museum, state Tretyakov gallery and regional museums of Russia.

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