Alexandrovich Klodt (von Jurgensburg)

Russia • 1867−1935

Left scientific works on the Bayou: "Russian ornaments on the monuments of the city of Oxbow lakes" and "History of ornament".

In 1918, the Old woman came from Moscow, fleeing from hunger, grandson of the famous Russian sculptor Evgeny Aleksandrovich Klodt, an artist by training, who worked for a long time at the Moscow Historical Museum, collector and received a Commission to create the Bayou state Museum. He had to make a number of expeditions to the County to look in more than one former manor house in order to find the right items. In the end, he gathered a unique collection of weapons from the stone age to the present day, a rare coin collection. Was in his Museum of ancient manuscripts, outstanding paintings, and other rare exhibits that would have done honor to any large Museum. No exaggeration here though, because the Museum is tiny Meanders along with the enormous collections of the best museums in the capital was made at the Leipzig reference "Museums". E. A. Klodt in 1921 was forced to leave the Bayou and go to the city of Omsk.

(Source: Regional Annex to the description of the two-day trip to the town of Staritsa in Tver region in June 2010)

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