Mikhailovich Presnyakov

Russia • 1934−2004

Thesis in the CVC - a series of prints "Here is my village", the rating is satisfactory. The training took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist.

Born in Ashgabat, Turkmen SSR.

In 1957 he Graduated from the Yaroslavl pedagogical College of art.

1963 Graduated from Leningrad state Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin.

1963-1972 he Worked as an artist Kemerovo artistic production workshops of the artists Fund of the RSFSR.

1966 member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1970 Awarded the jubilee medal "For valiant labor in commemoration of 100-anniversary of birth of V. I. Lenin."

Honorary diploma of the Secretariat of the Board of the Union of artists of the RSFSR.

1978 VI saysd the Delegate of the Union of artists of the RSFSR.

1986-1988 Elected to the Board of the Smolensk organization CX RSFSR. Deputy Chairman of the Board.

1992 Awarded the honorary title "Honored artist of Russia".

1992-present Lecturer College of Smolensk state Institute of arts.

1998 Awarded the prize of the administration of the Smolensk region for the best works were exhibited in the regional exhibition "Autumn-98".

1999 Awarded the Honorary diploma of the administration of the Smolensk region. Member of the Board of the Smolensk organization of the Union of artists of Russia.


1958 Zonal exhibition "Big Volga"

1960 Exhibition of students of fine art of socialist countries. Dresden, GDR.

1965 first all-Russian exhibition of children's books and book graphics, Moscow.

1967 national exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Soviet power, Moscow.

All-Union exhibition dedicated to 50 anniversary of Soviet power, Moscow.

Participation in all-Union competition for the best publication 1966-1977., Moscow (start-up Diploma).

Participation in all-Russian contest of book art, Moscow (start-up Diploma).

International exhibition of children's books, Moscow (Diploma).

1970 national exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin, Moscow.

1976 all-Russian exhibition "Glory to labor", Moscow.

1977 Republican exhibition "Mine Nechernozemie", Tula.

1978 Exhibition of artists of the Russian Federation from the collection of the House of creativity "Chelyuskinskaya", Moscow.

Group exhibition "the Artists of Smolensk", Moscow.

1979 second national exhibition of prints, Moscow.

1987 Exhibition of Smolensk graphic artists in Poland and Germany.

1988 Group exhibition of Smolensk artists, Yaroslavl.

1990 VII regional exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia", Vladimir.

1991 Personal exhibition, Gagarin, Russia.

Inter-Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of artists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", in Smolensk, Minsk.

1998 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in the city of Safonovo.

Group exhibition "Twelve", Smolensk.

The artist's works are stored in the Kemerovo picture gallery, Yaroslavl art gallery of the Smolensk Museum-reserve, Museum of the city of Roslavl, and the city of Gagarin, are in private collections in Russia and abroad. Works are in the Picture gallery Krasnoarmeysk.

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