Maksimovich Malt house

Russia • 1915−1991

Biography and information

Painter. B. On 7 September 1915 in the village of Mayma, now Poltava region - mind. 5 Oct 1991 in Kharkiv. Combatant during the great Patriotic war. Graduated from the Kharkov art College (1931-37), Kharkiv art Institute (1937-41; 1945-47), where he studied with N. Samokisha, M. Kozik, S. Besedin. A member HO CFS in 1948. The participant of Republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions since 1944. Personal exhibitions: Kharkiv - 1975,1986; town of Merefa (Kharkiv region) - 1984. Was a teacher at KhSAI (1947), Professor (1974).