Grigorievich Narbut

Russia • 1916−2002

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. People's artist of Ukraine (1994). State prize of Ukraine them. Shevchenko (1996).

Born in St. Petersburg in the family of famous painter G. Narbut. Graduated from all-Union courses of theatre artists at the Russian Academy of arts (1935). Worked in theaters in Kiev, Kovel, Coloma. From 1961 the main artist Ivano-Frankivsk, then Cherkasy musical-drama theatres. The author of a series of paintings "Kievan Rus" (1980 – 1989) and a series of portraits "Hetmans of Ukraine"(1992 – 1995). People's artist of Ukraine since 1994. Laureate of the State prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko (1996).

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