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Savvovna Kosarevskaya (Kovriga)


Biography and information


(S. Orlik, Poltava region.,

24.04.1918 — p. Radyans'ka, Poltava region., 26.05.1993). Ukrainian

sculptor. He studied at the Dnepropetrovsk railway College and Kiev

state art Institute (1945-1951) in the workshops

L. D. Muravina and N. G.Lysenko. Thesis — sculpture composition

"Stalin in Turukhansk Krai" (1951), for which he was nominated for

The state prize.

In 1952 was accepted into the Union of Soviet artists of Ukraine. 1952-1973 — combines pedagogical activity (in the Republican art school and the Kiev state art Institute) with an active creativity. Created a variety of monumental and decorative works. Inherent characteristics "of the Lysenko school": a romantic elation, emotional manner of molding, the orientation of the humanistic tradition of sculptural classics. Worked in the genre of portraiture, creating images of political leaders, science and culture (bas-relief, "V. I. Lenin", forged copper; "Kobzar E. Adamcewicz"; "M. A. Tishchenko").

In 80-e years, does not inherent in the personality of the monumental and decorative works in common in those days, the genre of "Soviet propaganda" ("N.To.Krupskaya with children", wood; "VI Lenin among the peasants", "T. G. Shevchenko and sister", bronze; "the Woman"; multi-figure composition "the Experience"; "the pioneer," etc.).

The public pathos of the, in Association with the originality of vision, enriched with life experiences and interesting solutions, gave the works a unique expression and "humanity." In addition, currently implemented a number of monumental works dedicated to the subject of died during the second world war ("the Mother"; "Eternal memory

fallen", the collective farm "Bolshevik", Volyn region; "the Memory of the dead villagers", p. Karlovka Kirovograd region; "Warrior" - all reinforced concrete). These works convey the deep tragedy and the invincible vitality of the people. For the city of Pripyat nuclear scientists made custom order - composition for fountain "Spring".

Over time, successfully engaged in medallic art. The last years of his life dedicated to ceramics, which clearly manifested its character to the experimentation and Ukrainian humor (the series: "Milkmaids", "Cossacks", "East motives", "Birds", "Cats", "Pegasus", "Grandchild", "Flowers", etc.).

(biography provided by R. A. Kosarevski)

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