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Stepanovich Simonyan

Russia • 1912−1943

Gubernii was born in Kars, in the County of Lower Fables, in the village Mill. They had a large family, their name was Stoevtsi, they are mainly engaged in beekeeping, and carpets cousin Zaruhi /Zaro/ captured.

Koryun was still a child when Stoevci moved. In the way was born the younger brother of Sep. Gayane's mother could not stand the pain and died. And father Stephen died in 1917 in Igdir. The eldest in the family was grandfather, Mkrtich, who took in hand the care asertiva children. But the old and weary, the Armenian peasants could not do more than pass the children first in Kars and Leninakan after the American orphanage where already found their shelter older sister Koryun Satenik. But soon the fate of a brother and sister separated.

In 1926. with the boys of the orphanage Koryun Simonyan come to Yerevan and enters the 2nd year of art College.

In 1930. Koryun see in Leningrad, in the Academy of arts (Teaching in WAH was held at the faculty of painting), where it finally manifests the identity of the artist-citizen.

Friends Koryun tell what he was demanding, first and foremost to yourself.

Sometimes almost finished, the painting was cleaned, scraped and again worked over them, wanting to reach beyond the harmony of artistic form and color. "The profession year after year becomes more complicated, in 1935, says Koryun from Leningrad to his friend, the Tsolak Azizyan. Neudovletvoreny often you think you can implement in life what stremishsya, as we live, or life will throw you to one side with svojimi brushes. When you look at the works of ancient masters, you feel how much great culture and superhuman trudolyubie requires a great thing. It easily is not given, it is given by the price of blood and sacrifice".

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