The wedge red beat white

El Lissitzky • Painting, 1920
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Date of creation: 1920
Artwork in collection: Suprematism Yana Sasina
Artwork in selections: 25 selections

Description of the artwork «The wedge red beat white»

"The wedge red beat white" one of the first propaganda poster created by Lissitzky. Despite the small popularity of Suprematism and constructivism in the period, this work became very famous, and in different variations, often used in Pro-Communist organizations in the future. Interesting that the style of this poster still turn a variety of bands, transforming the triangles and circles Lissitzky in their logos and album covers. The reason for this is the powerful emotional message combined with a minimalist means of expression.

This work was created by Lissitzky during the Civil war in support of the red Army. Triangle, ruthlessly tearing the perfection of the circle represents the revolutionaries and their struggle against the anti-Communists. Lissitzky uses only three colors (red, black and white), enhancing the effect of conflict and underlining the name of the poster. In the future, this combination of colors will be the hallmark of most of his works, "card", for which he will be recognized all over the world.

It is worth to mention another promotional poster, which appeared in the beginning of the Second world war. Photo collage "Everything for the front! Everything for victory! (Let's a lot of tanks)" considered the last work of Lissitzky. In 1941, at a terminally ill artist's worsened, which he was unable to cope. However, in spite of tuberculosis, which has almost completely paralyzed him, Lissitzky continued to work with his wife Sophie. Close cooperation with the Soviet authorities, among others, also provided the artist a secure existence. But one day he wrote: "the Right to work the artist must not buy a work of Scripture prescribed posters and all that eating and what is judged most, so..."

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov