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United States 
born in 1930
Biography and information
Richard Anushkevich (Richard Anuszkiewicz, may 23, 1930, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA) American painter, printmaker and sculptor, one of the most influential style of op art. Been interested in art since childhood and painted every day for a few hours. Art education Anushkevich received the Cleveland Institute of art and at Yale University, where his mentor was Josef Albers, had a strong influence on his work. Anushkevich realized quite early that he is most attracted to abstract painting, and gradually moved toward strict geometric simplicity. In 1957 he moved to new York, and a few years later, museums and galleries began to show his work increased interest. The popularity of Anushkevich soared after the exhibition "Sensitive eye" at the Museum of modern art in 1965. Throughout his artistic career, he continued to develop and transform your style by using various materials and techniques, but always adhering to the ideas of op art.
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Op art (optical art) is one of the branches of mid-20th-century geometric abstract art that deals with optical illusion. Representatives of this style sought to create on a flat surface the illusion of movement through the use of colour contrasts and geometric patterns. The most prominent representatives of Op art are Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, Julian Stanczak and Carlos Cruz-Diez.
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1970, 20.3×13 cm
1970, 65.4×45.1 cm
2013, 213.4×213.4 cm
1991, 91.4×96.5 cm
1970, 65.9×50.2 cm
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