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Mikhailovich Dvinyaninov

Russia • 1934−1985
Leningrad artist painter, graphic artist. member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
Mikhail Mikhailovich Dvinyaninov was born in Nolinsk on April 16, 1934 in Vyatka province, one of the branches of the family of famous artists Vasnetsov. His father Mikhail Alekseevich D. liked to draw as an amateur, although he was a history teacher. He was a "son of the regiment" during the war. In 1946 he went to Leningrad to study and work. During the years of military service, painted many portraits and paintings on the army theme. Engaged in linocut. Collaborated with the prints shop of the Graphic Arts Combine, Leningrad Branch of the Art Fund (1967). M.M. Dvinyaninov's displayed cityscapes are characterized by love for nature, high quality of workmanship, thoroughness of execution, saturation of the graphic sheet. Stylistic features of linocuts are very characteristic of their time of performance. Held several personal exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in Yugoslavia. Wife Elena Borisovna Timina (Dvinyaninova) (October 7, 1930 Voronezh - May 2, 1996, St. Petersburg) also from a family of artists. M. Dvinyaninov created many paintings, many of which are in the Baltic countries, the Balkans, in England and Germany. Restored paintings and icons, including the collections of the Russian Museum and the State Hermitage Museum, in particular, the work of the Little Dutchmen and students of Aivazovsky. He participated in design of the monument "Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad" which is located on the Moskovsky prospect in St. Petersburg. Teacher of the famous restorer-painter Victor Andreevich Khmelevsky. Mikhail Mikhailovich Dvinyaninov and his older brother Boris Mikhailovich Dvinyaninov (born April 29, 1932) died February 18, 1985, at the cemetery in Ozerki (St. Petersburg), presumably at the hands of a killer. They were buried together in the Piskaryovo crematorium of the columbarium, where other family members were buried later. He was a kind, generous and very sociable man who loved art and his family.
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