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Vasilyevich Ivanov

Russian artist Sergey Ivanov (4(16).06.1864, Ruza– 3(16).08.1910, der. Svistukha, Moscow region) was famous for a series of original paintings on historical subjects, the development of the "resettlement" theme, dedicated to the mass Exodus of peasants from the Central provinces in the late XIX century in Siberia. Most famous work – "Troubled times", "Yuri's day", "Campaign troops of the Moscow Russia", "the Immigrants. Walkers".

Artist Sergey Ivanov he was born in 1864. His family lived in Moscow region, Ruza. From an early age showed a talent for drawing, but the family believed that the boy should study something more practical. After completing his primary education he was sent to study at the Institute of land surveying. Sergei Ivanov is very weary of this science, but because the family was against a career of an artist, then he decided to go on a little trick. One of my dad's friends helped fourteen-year-old Sergei to enlist the support of the famous artist Vasily Perov, who liked the work and sketches of young men, and he was made a "free student" at the Moscow art school. This science was so pleased to him that the following year, Sergei Ivanov left the previous place of study and devoted himself to the study of the craft of the artist.

As a student, the young man took up scene painting. Early painting of the artist Sergei Ivanov raised a number of important social issues. A significant place in his work took the so-called resettlement issue. Ivanov walked several hundred miles with the landless peasants, who with their families were sent to Siberia in search of a better life. They were from the Central provinces large convoys, experiencing great difficulties, often dying in the road. Their hard life and the tragic events that accompanied this difficult path, embodied in the paintings of Ivanov, Sergei Vasilyevich "In the new place. Russia is coming!", "On the road. The death of the person", "Reverse immigrants", etc. Not the least important step in the social scene painting Ivanov was the so-called "lock up" series on the life and the life of prisoners and convicts. Brush masters are owned by "Riot in village", "Phase", "Sending prisoners".

The period of historical paintings by Ivanov, Sergei Vasilyevich

In the 80-90-ies of the XIX century, Sergey Ivanov was already a recognized master and one of the best painters of his generation, which was also ranked Korovin, Levitan, Serov. At this time in his artistic career starts from the historical period. The master was fond critical moments in the history of Russia, his admirable strength of character and the beauty of the soul of the Russian people. On his canvases the artist Sergey Ivanov masterfully conveys the complicated drama of important historical moments, long and hard working on finding characters, recreating the costumes and life of the Russian people.

Despite the fact that in art the epoch of art Nouveau, the artist did not change his principles and continued to raise in his works acute social and historical themes, not making so fashionable among the public nice and non-committal themes. In these years, the artist Sergey Ivanov created a series of portraits, narrative historical paintings, he also works a lot like Illustrator. Ivanov became a member of the society of Wanderers, involved in the creation of the Union of Russian artists.

Defending the position of realism in the modern era, Ivanov became a reformer and a pioneer of historical painting, using some techniques of modernism in creating a bright living compositions that capture the viewer with its dynamism and creating a "presence effect". The most famous historical paintings of the artist – "the March of the Muscovites", "the Arrival of foreigners to Moscow," "On the border of the Moscow state", "Review of service people" etc.
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