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Mikhailovna LedovskikhPRO

Russia • Murmanskaya Oblast' • artist, art connoisseur

Biography and information

Came to creativity at the call of my inner voice. The first works appeared in 2011. Started with acrylic, then carried away with writing on wood, glass, plastic. But later I realized that oil is the right material. I liked the plasticity of oil, the wonder of the interaction between the paint and the canvas. Since then I took up art seriously and was looking for myself. I painted portraits, landscapes and still lifes. My teachers were Igor Sakharov, Elena and Vladimir Ilyichev, Olga Bazanova, Dmitry Rosa, and I studied painting of old masters like Rafael Santi, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Jan Vermeer and others. Like many people I am worried about the future of our humanity, whether there are other worlds, extraterrestrial civilizations, is there an otherworld, superpowers of man? I also believe that the Universe gives an artist the gift to create not by accident. The artist shows the World what the Universe has shared with him. Currently I am a resident of the International Association of Artists ASM-CLUB, member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts. I paint in different genres. In my works I use exclusive underglaze, which makes the paintings unique. I believe that the happy one who shares the purity of his soul and follows the path of its development. Through my artwork I conduct energies of high vibrations, which allows people to acquire joy and harmony within themselves. Participant of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2020, 2021; winner of the international festival Golden Time Talent 2020 London; 2019 Italy, France; winner of the "Mustache of Dali" 2019 Spain; participant of international competitions in Russia. 2023 Art-Christmas" Moscow, gallery "EURASIUM", Russia; 2023 "Tales of Winter: Between Dream and Appearance" St. Petersburg gallery "LINES.Space", Russia; 2022 International Exhibition "Christmas Miracle" Budapest, Hungary;
Source : https://veryimportantlot.com/ru/auth/portfolio