Ivanovich Perevyshko

Russia • Sankt-Peterburg and Leningrad Oblast • born in 1952 • artist
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1952г. He was born in Krasny Liman, Donetsk region in a family with many children.
1969-1970 Work at the Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant, turner.
1970-1972. Service in the Army. Deputy Platoon Commander at the Strategic Missile Forces Training Center.
1973-1978. Study at the Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics.
1978-1984. Work at the "Red Triangle" Production Association as an economic engineer at the Economic Research Laboratory.
1983г. The paintings (paintings, graphics) were first viewed by Alexei Mikhailovich Gritsai, Vice-President of the Academy of Arts. Highly appreciating the works he said: "Don't lose a single day in art!". To this day I live by these precepts.
1984-1986. He graduated from the Evening Drawing Classes at the Repin Institute as an extern.
1986-1992. Studied at the Faculty of Painting Institute named after IE Repin. At the same time with training worked as head of the Art studio at the Volodar House of Culture.
1991г. At the contest of the best paintings from the funds of the Repin Institute, taken over six years (1985-1991), won First Prize.
1989-1992 Classes in the training workshop led by Boris Sergeevich Ugarov, President of the Academy of Arts of the USSR.
Studying under his guidance for a long time determined many directions of my creativity. The theme of the painting "Peter the Great" was approved by B.S. Ugarov. He witnessed many dozens of sketches on this theme.
1992г. Diploma picture "Peter I".
1993-1996. Enrolled in the Creative Workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts. Director: People's Artist of the USSR Vyacheslav Frantsevich Zagonek.
1997-2020. He created a series of works devoted to the jewelers of Russia in the 19th-20th centuries. He is the author of books on Faberge.
1990-2023. He created a cycle of works devoted to the theme: "Peter the Great", which includes more than 250 works reflecting the main stages in the life of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. An album "Peter I. Life for the Good of Russia" was published.
1983-2023. Created cycles of landscapes: "Kargopol", "Kem", "India", "Yurievets on the Volga", "Pereslavl-Zalessky", "Plyos" and others.
2005-2012. He designed and managed the St. Petersburg Artist Museum and Exhibition Center at 100 Moika Embankment. At the same time editor-in-chief and publisher of St. Petersburg Artist magazine.
2005-2012. Author and editor of 28 television films about artists.
2012г. Had his first solo exhibition in the People's Republic of China in the city of Harbin. All works were purchased for the museum collection.
2014г. Participated in the exhibition of eleven Russian artists in the city of Dalian (PRC) at the invitation of the city government.
december 15, 2018 - March 20, 2019. Participation in the exhibition "Faberge Style. Excellence Beyond Time" (12 paintings) held at the Museum and Exhibition Complex "New Jerusalem". The exhibition was attended by the State Historical Museum, the State Hermitage Museum, the State Museum-reserve "Peterhof", All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, the Russian National Museum, the Faberge Museum (Baden-Baden).
2019 - Diploma winner of the Beijing 2019 International Biennale
Author of books:
- Carl Fabergé's Petersburg. Two editions: 2004, 2005.
- "Kem." Album. 2004. Series "Golden Ring of the Russian North". Paintings, graphics.
- "Franz Birbaum. Chief Master of the Fabergé Company. 2016.
- "Marshal of the Fabergé Empire Franz Birbaum. Cavaliers of the Order of Birbaum. 2016.
- "Peter the Great and the White Sea.
- "Peter the Great. Life for the Good of Russia"
Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts "For the great personal contribution to the development of art". 2009г.
Six awards of the International Fabergé Foundation, including the highest award of the Foundation - the Order of Carl Fabergé. 2002г.
Gold medal "Laureate" and honorary diploma of the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage". 2013г.
Diploma of the International Exhibition-Biennale "Beijing 2019". 2019г.
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