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East jazz

Exhibition October 22, 2019
The Pushkin Museum to them. A.S. Pushkin holds an exhibition"East jazz / East West Jazz".

On display, viewers will see more than 30 unique Central Asian bathrobes and fabrics from the collection of Alexander Klyachin and more than two dozen canvases of post-war abstract painting, collected by Swiss collector Jean Claude Gandyur.

The new exhibition of the Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin will combine the two strategic directions of recent years, which develops the exhibition activities of the museum. This is a presentation of the collections of private collectors, as well as a demonstration of a new approach to creating exhibitions. Having expanded and supplemented the exposition with works from the collections of the Pushkin Museum to them. A.S. Pushkin and the Paris Pompidou Center - Museum of Modern Art - Center for Industrial Design, exhibition curators will talk about the interaction of eastern and western cultures. This exhibition is not didactic, but philosophical and contemplative. It is designed to arouse spectator emotions, with its help it will be possible to penetrate the essence of the thinking of abstract artists, to understand the origins of their work.

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