Tsarist Russia on the imperial scene

Exhibition November 4 − December 23, 2019
Tver Regional Art Gallery (TOKG) invites you to visit the exhibition"Tsarist Russia on the imperial scene".

The exhibition consists of unique sketches, costumes, furniture and props from the collection of the Russian State Academic Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin (Alexandrinsky Theater).

The so-called “boyar collection” from the theater’s funds is presented at the exhibition: sketches, costumes and props from legendary performances of the 19th-20th centuries devoted to the history of pre-Petrine Rus. Among them, "Pozharskaya" M.V. Kryukovsky, “The Death of John the Terrible”, “Tsar Fedor Ioannovich”, “Tsar Boris” A.K. Tolstoy; “Ruler Sophia” V.A. Krylova and P.N. Field, "The Great Sovereign" V.A. Solovyov and, of course, “Boris Godunov” A.S. Pushkin. Visitors to the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to be the first to get acquainted with a series of sketches by outstanding theater artists B.A. Almedingen, V.V. Dmitrieva, D.F. Popova, A.I. Konstantinovsky, K. B. Kustodieva. Artists scrupulously studied the life of Moscow kings and queens, striving to historically accurately recreate the cut and details of the finishes of the vestments of tsars and boyars.

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