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Novі іmens Mykolaivshchiny

Exhibition November 14 − December 10, 2019
The fourth cycle is concluded
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The Mikola Regional Center for Folk Creativity and Cultural Robots, the Regional Folk Creator, request the “Pribuzhzha” to ask for a closing report of the fourth edition of the cycle “New Names of Mikolaivschiny 2018-2019”. The exhibition vidkriyut 14 leaf fall at 12:00 at the primitive Mikola Regional Museum of Art. V.V. Vereshchagina.

The main meta project is to learn about the glamorous works and creative ideas and artists of Mykolaivschiny.
Within the framework of the IV cycle, the project was introduced by new names of ten amateurs of NTO “Pribuzhzha”.
The picturesque canvases of the artists of Igor Karachevsky (Ochakivsky district) and Oleksandra Bondarenka (Bashtanska OTG) show the signs of the bar of Ukraine. The robots of the Mykolayiv Mayors, Mikhail Karabutov, Larisi Krishtal and Nataliy Mazur, harmoniously follow the tradition and the occasion. Old-time ornaments Zhanni Semenenko-Rus'ky (metro Pervomaisk) and Lіdії Asriyants (metro Mikolaiv) took away the magic of protection and symbol. In all the pictures of Deer Sapozhnik (Pribujanivsk OTG) and Lubov Sadovsko (Bratsk District), the beauty of the original and the creature of the Holy Virgin is shown. And the lavish murals of the Maystrinsky panel Lyudmili Gatsuri (metro Mikolaev) take pride in their dynamics and plot.
We want to reach out to the mystery of mysticism to learn the fate of the meister classes of enaustics, the list of clothes, the tapestry and installation of gravel in the square.
The exhibition is presented - the garna nagoda of the All-Saints Creative Workshop - 10th regional project “New Name of the Mikolaivshchyna”. Project projects in 2009. For a period of time, 40 artists and artists-amateurs from different kutochkivs of Mykolaiv presented their creativity. I’m gonna give 50 populist master-classes and creative lovers, presentations of even more than 2500 old-time exhibits and traditional kinds of mystery: painting, painting, graphics, weaving, decorative painting, decorative painting, decoration pyrography, aromography skinny.

In 2016, the new project of the “New Name of Mikolaivshchyna” has been recognized by the Mikolana Regional Prize of the name of Mikoli Arkas for his services to the development of that protected Ukrainian national culture.
Yaskrava creativity of talented mayors of Mikolivska is shown in booklets and catalogs of the Mikolayevsk regional center of folklore.
Galleries at the exhibition