Awakening of nature

Exhibition December 10, 2019 − January 9, 2020
In the darkest time of the year, by the longest night of the year, the Mansard of Artists prepared an exhibition of landscapes by Oleg Borodin. Oleg Borodin is a Belarusian artist who lives in Mogilev and has been collaborating with Attic since 2017. His paintings do not stay in the gallery for long: adhering to the principles of a naturalistic depiction of nature, Borodin follows the impressionists in search of mood. This approach is close and understandable to many art lovers. The main theme of Borodin’s paintings is not so much modest, non-dramatic views as the variability of nature - a river frozen at dawn, morning fog between birches, pinkish sunset clouds.

For twenty years, the artist gets up before dawn and collects gear, brushes and paints. Borodin returns home not only with the catch, but also with fresh sketches, which he later refines in the workshop. Oleg loves earlier morning for silence, tranquility and gentle changeable light, which is why he called his exhibition “Awakening of Nature”. While the almost polar night has descended on the city, go to the Attic to admire the summer dawn and choose a snow-covered landscape as a present.
Galleries at the exhibition