Europe to Russia. Portrait Experience

Exhibition May 15 − August 19, 2021
Museum of V.A. Tropinin and Moscow artists of his time holds an exhibition "Europe to Russia. Portrait Experience".

The exhibition is located in two halls, featuring works from the 18th and 19th centuries. Numerous exhibits belong to several groups: rossika - works created by foreign masters in Russia, domestic copies and reworked by Russian artists of foreign specimens, as well as Western European portraits that ended up in Russian private and museum collections. The latter include oval portraits from the 17th century French school, a portrait supposedly depicting Friedrich of Saxony, portraits of Polish aristocrats by painters Jozef Peszka and Jozef Pichman, and a portrait of Eugene Bogarne by an unknown artist.

Visitors will see the works of painters of different European schools: Austrian (H.-C. Prenner, I.-B. Lampi Sr., L. Guttenbrunn), English (R. Brompton), French (L. Caravac, L.-FJ.-F. Lagrée, A.-F. Riesener, P. Barbier, S. Sheradam), the German (F.-G. Barizien, H. Buchholz, H.-F. von Kügelchen, F. Kühnel), the Italian (P. Rotari, J.-B. Damon Ortolani), and the Polish (K. Reichel). In the main exposition of the museum are portraits created by foreigners who worked fruitfully in Russia - Louis Caravaque and Karl Lasch.

Prepared according to the materials of the official website Tropinin Museum.