Exhibition February 16 − April 16, 2022

Gallery "Private Collection" from February 16 to April 16 open exhibition and sale of paintings and drawings by the artist VLADIMIR MANDRICHENKO "The Road Home. The exhibition and sale is open until April 16!

Vladimir Mandrichenko is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, an artist-thinker, "initiator and participant of unique exhibitions; a sage who possesses secret knowledge...".

The master defines his style as "painting prints". Each of his canvases or graphic sheets is the result of long and painstaking work, not only technically, but also spiritually.

This is the value of his paintings.

PRIVATE COLLECTION Gallery would like to thank the partners of the atmospheric opening of the personal exhibition:

⚜️ Beautiful photos from the magazine

⚜️ Calligraphy master class by the Siberia-Hokkaido Tourism and Twinning Center

⚜️ Exhibition partner "Fo" company

⚜️ Coffee from International Investment Club "MOSTINVEST

⚜️ Permanent media partner "Leaders_today" magazine

⚜️ Opening partner "Association of Lawyers of Russia

⚜️ Permanent exhibition partner Legal company YUSKONSALT

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? 8 383 222-0021, 8 953-861-5937.

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