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About the exhibition
Konstantin Prusov is a young modern artist. He lives in Novosibirsk. Exposition called «Are you waiting for me?» - his first solo exhibition in the Gallery Bronstein (Irkutsk), but the seventh solo in the creative baggage. The author carefully selects the place for the presentation of his works. Bronstein Gallery is one of the best galleries in Russia, the largest private gallery beyond the Urals. In addition, well-equipped halls helped to create a special atmosphere of the exhibition, to emphasize the merits of the artist’s painting.
At the heart of each picture of the author is a fascinating story in which the real world becomes mystical and unpredictable. According to the artist, he does not follow the plan - is inspired and follows the brush. Thanks to this, his paintings are emotional and expressive.
The author works in the techniques of oil and tempera painting. He manages to convey his impressions and feelings in specific images. In the format of the new exhibition, you can see images that have become the artist’s business card; travel landscapes - pictures from colorful series: «My paris» and «Chamber Moscow»; touching plots of old village Russia.
The age limit is 0+. Entrance tickets to the exhibition are 50–150 rubles. The exhibition is held in the halls of the gallery at the address: Irkutsk, ul. October Revolution, 3, telephone: (3952) 75-60-30.
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