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She was born in 1973 in the South Urals in the small city of Kumertau (Bashkiria).

Like many artists, she painted from early childhood, studied at an art school, but did not want to be an artist - there are so many interesting activities in life. However, when deciding on the choice of a future profession, I realized for the first time that drawing is the only thing that really attracts. In 1988 she entered the art school (Orenburg, Russia). She received her diploma in art education and profession in 1992.

She began her career as an artist of a regional newspaper, then for more than 20 years she was a successful advertising designer - during this period there was almost no time left for drawing and painting. Since 2005 - a photographer - life has shown that the artist remains such in various fields, not only standing at the easel.

She lived in China for several years - I was lucky to meet wonderful teachers, from whom she studied Chinese painting and calligraphy with passion (her works took first and second places at an exhibition in Egypt in 2004).

She was often fond of new materials and experimented in various techniques. The theory of interaction of materials and surfaces in painting and graphics is also interesting - works should live for many years without losing their qualities.

In 2019, I was attracted by dry pastels. It is interesting to try yourself in linocut.

What shakes creativity itself - it is the basis of life - the work belongs not only to the artist. The visual is read by everyone, regardless of place of birth, age and interests. Considering a work of art, each viewer becomes a co-author, filling the paintings with new meanings through personal perception, and these meanings become inseparable from the original work.

Member of the Union of Designers of Russia.
He currently lives in St. Petersburg (Russia).
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