Russia • Sankt-Peterburg and Leningrad Oblast • born in 1987 • artist
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Artist, designer, art historian.
Born in 1987

— 2009 — ITMO University (LIMTU), specialist in computer graphics
— 2019 — Art Lyceum named after K. Faberge, jeweller
— currently — The St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting,
Sculpture, and Architecture named after I. Repin at the Russian
Academy of Arts. Department of theory and art history, art historian

Professional Way
Ekaterina started her art education in 2007 with a private course in academic drawing. For 10 years, she was involved in printing and graphic design for business — she first worked as a leading manager in the Advertising Department of a trading company, then was self-employed. 2016-2018 years she spent in jewellery, most of all for learning how to work with different materials and techniques.

By now (2019), the decision to finally move into the artistic sphere has been approved. Ekaterina actively creates sketches, series of graphics and paintings, engravings on metal, installations. Historical calligraphy and Russian art have become important foundations of her creativity.

— Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO), ALL Botanical; the publication in the online gallery, a diploma of participation, Digital Award Certificate.
— Moscow, Russian Art Week, season 2019-autumn; the publication in the online gallery and a certificate of participation.
— Saint Petersburg, Great Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Saint Petersburg.
Calligraphy: yesterday and today; the publication in the exhibition catalogue and a diploma of participation.
— Ruse (Bulgaria), Regional Library Lyuben Karavelov. Exhibition of the XV International Ex
Libris Competition EX LIBRIS-EX CINEMA; the publication in the exhibition catalogue and a diploma of participation.

2020 — the winner of the 7th Annual “ALL Botanical” Online Art Competition. The first place for the picture “Unseen No. 4”: https://www.contemporaryartgalleryonline.gallery/2020-all-botanical-winners
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