Vyatka art Museum. V. M. Vasnetsov and A. M. Vasnetsov

Karl Marx, 70, Kirov
At the beginning of the twentieth century, a lot of interesting artists lived in the city of Vyatka, who considered their main task the development of fine art in their native land, raising the cultural level of its inhabitants. To this end, starting in 1901, they began to hold periodic art exhibitions in the city, the participants of which were not only local authors, but also well-known metropolitan artists.

On December 5 (18), 1910, the grand opening of the Vyatka Museum of History and History took place, which became the first museum of its kind in the entire north and northeast of Russia.

If at the beginning of the 20th century the museum had only one room (an old mansion built in 1815 for the merchant I.S. Repin), then already in the 1990s it turned into an interesting complex with old and new buildings at its disposal. extended exhibition hall, 2 branches. This, of course, significantly changed and updated museum activities.

Currently, Vyatka Art Museum named after V.M. I am. Vasnetsovs is one of the leading centers of cultural life not only in the city of Kirov, but also in the country as a whole.The Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum comprises one of the richest collections of paintings in Russia.

The collection admirably covers all schools and periods of Russian and European painting and possesses over 15000 works of art. It boasts hundreds of masterpieces — icons, paintings, drawings, prints, engravings, sculptures, embroidery, and folk applied arts.

Source: Museum site.