State memorial historical-art and natural Museum-reserve of V. D. Polenov

p/o If, Tul'skaya Oblast'
Polenovsky Museum was founded in 1892 by V.D. Polenov is the first national museum in the Russian village.

The exposition contains numerous collections, including V.D. Polenova, I.E. Repin, K. Korovin and others, unique furniture and antiques, a collection of DPI from the end of the XIX century. to this day, personal belongings of Polenov and his family members, a unique memorial library. The Big House, where the main collections are located, is the center of the estate and the entire reserve.

The manor complex includes 21 memorial buildings and a park. All buildings were designed by V.D. Polenov, reflecting the architectural direction of the late XIX century.

Museum site.