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collector, art connoisseur
  • Tango together
  • Tango in a bar
  • Tango in San Telmo
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  • Introduction of Mary to the temple
  • The introduction of Mary into the temple. Fragment 1
  • Christmas of Our Lady. Introduction to the temple (Nevyansk, workshop Bogatyrevs)
Introduction of Mary to the temple
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  • Haystacks. The effect of frost
  • Frost in Svyatogorsky monastery. Pushkinskie Gory.
  • Haystacks (frost, dawn)
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  • The prodigal son (Salvator Rosa)
  • The prodigal son. "The parables of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"
  • The Prodigal Son among the Whores
Prodigal son
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  • "The black cat" (Le Chat Noir)
  • Promotional poster "Pure sterilized milk from the banks of Venzhanna!"
  • "...Where, when, how?"
Black Cats
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  • November in the village Solmanovo
  • Fog in november
  • November - Sollies-Ville (Novembre - Sollies Ville)
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  • Japanese white-eye on a persimmon branch
  • Girls with Persimmons
  • "Persimmon for 100 価 格"
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  • Still life with basket, grapes, chestnuts and peaches on a platter
  • Still life with a butterfly, apricots, cherries and chestnut
  • Still life with teapot, grapes, chestnuts and a pear
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  • Illustration for the novel "Gulliver's Travels"
  • Illustration for the novel "Gulliver's Travels"
  • Illustration for the novel "Gulliver's Travels"
Gulliver's Travels
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  • Columbus leaving Palos (From behind, with Falconet). Sketch
  • The landing of Christopher Columbus with companions on three boats on Friday 12 October 1492 at sunrise on the American island named San Salvador by him in that same day
  • Christopher Columbus before the Council of Salamanca. Sketch
(no title)
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  • Art teacher
  • School teacher
  • Birthday teacher
Teacher's Day
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  • Dahlias in a copper vase
  • Dahlias
  • Nasturtiums and dahlias in a basket
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  • Moroccan pink
  • At the coffee shop. Morocco
  • Moroccan girl. Marrakech
Moroccan cycle of Zinaida Serebryakova
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  • Indian summer
  • Indian summer
  • Indian summer
Indian summer
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  • Flemish proverbs. Fragment: A fox and a crane entertained each other - two deceivers always remember their profit. Being a scoop for foaming is a parasite. What is the use of a beautiful plate, if you have nothing to put on it? - beauty is not self-worth
  • Crowned crane, night Heron and white partridge
  • A series of "Hundred Proverbs". A sparrow in the hands is better than a dove in the sky (Tit in the hand is better than a crane in the sky)
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