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Eirnin Reagan
Moscow, 36 years old
Edward Hopper
Waiting at the window
Cars and stones
Tugboat at Boulevard Saint-Michel
The first row of the orchestra
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Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Florinda. Fragment II
Florinda. Fragment II
Franz Xaver Winterhalter
1853, 178.4×245.7 cm
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    Franz Xaver Winterhalter. The Empress Eugenie with her ladies in waiting ( Empress eugénie de Montijo, the Baroness de Pierre, Princess Essling, viscountess de Lezay-Marnesia, the Marquis de Montebello, the Duchess of Bassano, Baroness Malaret, the Marquis de Las Marris, the Marqu
    Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Young Italian girl at the well
      Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Crown Princess Olga of Württemberg, Grand Duchess of Russia
      Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Portrait of an Italian girl from Ariccia
        Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Leonilla Princess Of Seyn-Wittgenstein
        Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Grand Princess Leonilla of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, nee Baryatinsky
        Franz Xaver Winterhalter
        Portrait of Princess Tatyana Alexandrovna Yusupova
        Portrait of Countess Sophia Andreevna the Bobrinskaya. Fragment
        Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna
        Portrait of Princess Sophia Alexandrovna Radziwill. Fragment
        Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna
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          Claude Monet. Irises in Monet's garden
          Claude Monet. The house of the customs officer, Varangeville
            Claude Monet. Irises and water lilies
            Claude Monet. Road
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