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A fire in the houses of Parliament on 16 October 1834

Joseph Mallord William Turner • Painting, 1835, 92.5×123.2 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1835
Size: 92.5×123.2 cm
Artwork in selections: 60 selections

Description of the artwork «A fire in the houses of Parliament on 16 October 1834»

On 16 October 1834 a fire broke out in the Parliament building (in one of the buildings Westminsterco Palace). The fire occurred from the red-hot furnace, in which burned a disused wooden tallies of the exchequer. Dickens wrote that the London poor harbored the hope – suddenly these sticks will give them for firewood stoves. But no, they tried to burn "in strict secrecy". With secrecy, as we understand it, not particularly turned...

Londoners gathered on the banks and bridges over the Thames. Turner, which has always attracted the raging elements - fire, water, air could not miss this spectacle. A hired boat to get a closer view of the Grand fire. Among them was Turner. He made sketches, which later wrote of the two paintings here is the second.

The paintings were seen and perceived ambiguously, what often happened with the works of Turner. Someone admired, someone wondered, someone was indignant. It is obvious that the value of these paintings – realistic authenticity, and the greatness, the grandeur and signature ternerovsky lights.

The newspaper the Morning Chronicle published a review which recommended that the staff of the Academy "at least occasionally throw a wet blanket or something like that or on that of the king of fires, or on his works...". Opponents of the Turner characterized the "Fire in the Parliament building" as "absolutely featureless ground pigments smeared streaks of paint...". Although the lack of Turner's to blame is ridiculous, frankly.

The history of Turner's Hobbies fires started in his youth. He worked as a decorator in the theater "Pantheon". Soon after, the theatre caught fire and it burned to the ground. The young artist was in the morning on the ashes and carefully nailed it. Then for ten days did not go to classes at the Academy, but they worked with had seized his vision. The following spring at the Royal Academy were exhibited his watercolor.

By the way, with the fire theme Turner has been associated financially. The money he was able to dispose of, and the expense of them knew. In addition to investing in land and houses, Turner held shares of a company that produces firefighting equipment. In General, fire is not only a Grand and fascinating, but also good dividends.

Author: Alain Esaulova