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Oscar domínguez (Spanish, Oscar Dominguez; 7 Jan 1906, Tenerife — December 31, 1957, Paris) was a Spanish painter and sculptor, one of the brightest representatives of surrealism along with Salvador Dali and Joan Miro.


Born 7 Jan 1906 in Tenerife (Spain). In his youth, suffered a severe illness, damaged facial bones and limbs. Since 1926 he lived in Paris, working in the family business (import to France bananas). In 1929 settled in Paris, where he met with various avant-garde groups and the Surrealists.

In 1931 he wrote a self-portrait where he portrayed himself with her wrists cut.

Early work with the fabulous and sexual motives included in his first solo exhibition (may, 1933, fine art Gallery, Tenerife). Typical work for this exhibition is "Surreal landscape" (1933, Tenerife).

In 1934 he joined the group of andré Breton, which lasted until its collapse in 1948.

In 1936, Dominguez began to apply the method, called the Surrealists "decals" — decal (Decalcomania). "Decals" was included by Breton in "a Brief dictionary of surrealism".

In the same 1936 Dominguez began work on a cycle, called "decalcomanias automatic intentional interpretation." The main theme of these works was the combination of mechanical operation and transmission of repressed erotic desires.

In 1947 he published a book of poems Dominguez "They look at each other." Dominguez also is the author of numerous articles on the techniques of surrealism.

Oscar Dominguez had committed suicide by slitting her wrists (31 December 1957, Paris).

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