Nikolayevich Avvakumov

Russia • born in 1938

Born in 1938 in Moscow.

He graduated from the workshop of the poster of the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1966). Studied at N. A. Ponomarev, M. O. Savostyuka, B. A. Uspensky. Works in political and advertisement, pays special attention to the exhibition poster.

Since the early 70-ies is involved in all major art exhibitions, including national and international.

The winner of the second and third prizes of the International competition "Poster of the Olympics-80" in Moscow (1979).

Also engaged in easel graphics.

A member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1973.

Major works: "the Porcelain of Gzhel" (1972), "Glory Aeroflot" (1973), "Jewellery art of the East" (1974), "N. Roerich" (1975), "12.IV.1961" (1976), "Decisions of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU run" (1976), "across the universe, there is a growing procession..." (1977), "USSR — bulwark of peace" (1977), "the Soviet artists — working people" (1979), "Sport. World. Friendship" (1979), a series of "Welcome! Moscow. Olympics. 1980" (with O. Volkova) (1979).

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