Georgievich Wiesel

Russia • born in 1942

Biography and information

Was born in Tashkent. He studied at the Tashkent art school named. After p. p. Benkov (1960-1965) A. M. Rozhkova and Tashkent theatre and art Institute. A. N. Ostrovsky (1965-1970) V. N. Kalnina. A member of the artists Union of the USSR since 1975, graphic artist, painter. Works in watercolors, linocuts, etchings. Author of thematic compositions. He taught at the Tashkent theatre and art Institute. A. N. Ostrovsky(1970-1980). Since 1992. he teaches at the Tyumen Institute of the arts and culture. 1981 - personal exhibition in Tyumen (TAG).

Participant of city, regional, zonal, Republican, all-Union, international exhibitions (Sweden, Italy, Belgium). Works are in state Tretyakov gallery, TMII, TOKM, THIS, in private collections of Russia, Sweden, Italy, Belgium. Lives in Tyumen.

Born on 16 Nov 1942 in Tashkent. He studied at the Tashkent art school named. After p. p. Benkov (1960-1965 gg.). After graduating with honors from the Tashkent theatre and art Institute. A. N. Ostrovsky (faculty of easel graphics, 1965-1970 gg.), left it in teaching. Ten years he had been teaching future artists the course of history books, drawing and composition, at the same time engaging creativity. A. Wiesel is a diverse artist. Linocut, etching, watercolour, oil painting, each of the techniques in its own way attracts him.

To the best of his graphic sheets, the artist was able to be documented in the exact image of the character of the epoch (historical and revolutionary theme), national and ethnic peculiarities of life of the Uzbek people ("Revolution in Central Asia", a triptych based on the novel a true "Sacred blood", "Architecture"). In 1975, A. Wiesel was admitted to the Union of artists of the USSR. A lot of the time the artist devoted to illustration. He designed books F. Dostoevsky, D. London, A. Fadeev, appealed to Aristotle and the epic of the East ("Persian tales", "Uzbek fairy tale", etc.).

In the 80-ies, A. G., Wiesel moved to Tyumen. In 1981 in our city successfully held his solo exhibition. Later, the artist produced a series of linocuts of the machine dedicated to the history of Tyumen, which was presented to the audience at the exhibition of the Tyumen artists, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the city (July 1986). It is solidly made leaves, Mr. Alexander is able to subordinate their objectives to the rhythm and shape of the black-and-white barcode. "The history of Tyumen was conceived as a big epic story about time passing Tyumen - since its founding to the present day." In this series, there are portraits of historical figures — Ermak, Governor of the founders of the city, Khan Kuchum, the Decembrists. Subsequently, the work was acquired by Tyumen regional art gallery.

The diversity of the artist is evident in his work in the field of ceramics. Thus, together with Galina Wiesel he made several ceramic murals for public spaces Tyumen. A large place in the work of A. G. Wiesel is a historical theme, so you have to study a lot of literature on the history, archaeology, architecture, life, dress, arms. "The artist-historian, he's a polymath, until the buttons all need to know." This work was preceded by, for example, canvas, oil "capital of the Siberian khanate Isker.15th century"(1991), in which every detail of the paintings historically accurate.

Since 1992, A. G. Wiesel teaches at the Tyumen Institute of the arts and culture as an always - the-job creativity. Alexander G. follows the rule that any work — creative, professional and that it is useful to try yourself in different manners. In his Studio there and abstractionist works, and illustrations and emulated the Impressionists. In recent years, A. Wiesel writes a lot in watercolour and oil, often referring to favourite themes of history and old architecture ("Gate of the Danilov monastery" (1989), "Seeing Russian winter" (1989). Most recently, he has written 40 watercolors dedicated to Tyumen.

Alexander Georgievich - the constant participant of exhibitions of different rank, including international (Sweden, Italy, Belgium). In August 1997 took place and was a great success family exhibition in Tyumen artists Wisely in Lower Saxony. The works of A. G. Wiesel are in the State Tretyakov gallery, the Tyumen regional mtree of fine arts, Tyumen regional Museum, Tobolsk state historical and architectural Museum-reserve, in private collections of Russia, Sweden, Italy, Belgium.

I wonder what eyes see the Creator in his works? "I know all about them. They are my children. And that says it all... And get rid of them very sorry, what a bright future or promising them life."

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