Alekseevich Vlasov

Russia • 1857−1935

A student of the Academy of Arts from 1880 to 1887. Has silver medals: from the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture - a small one; from the Academy of Fine Arts: 1881 - large; 1884 - small; 1885 - a big one; November 2, 1887 received the title of class artist of the 2nd degree for the program "Elder Iriam begs Achilles to give him the body of his son Hector." (Kondakov)


The teacher is an artist and one of the founders of the art school of the Astrakhan region. On January 23, 1891, the artist Pavel Vlasov opened a drawing class, in 1896 the Charter of the art circle was approved, and on March 7, 1900, drawing and technical classes were opened, which were later reorganized into a school. And since 1935, the school was named after Pavel Vlasov. For a short period of activity, a talented teacher prepared many artists in his studio, among which the most famous are Boris Kustodiev, Ivan Goryushkin-Sorokopudov, Grigory Maltsev and others. Pavel Alekseevich actively participated in the cultural life of the city: organized the first art exhibitions in Astrakhan; the opening of the city art gallery was made possible precisely thanks to his ascetic activities. No wonder the gallery itself is named after Boris Kustodiev - one of the most beloved and talented students of the master.

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