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Thousands of works for sale, direct communication with artists, experts' selections — we help managing the collection.
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Qu'est-ce que Artchive

Arthive is a social network and a magazine for artists, collectors, art dealers and art lovers. Arthive makes it easy to manage an art collection, buy and sell pictures, make selections. We are continuously expanding our functionality and add new features for all art market players.

What can Arthive offer
to collectors

We collected main functions and showed how Arthive can be used for searching new artworks for your collection, communicating with artists and managing artworks.

30 000 active artists

Arthive is one of the largest online art stores in the Runet. We have many talents. Check out our potential, view the whole collection or just the artworks, selected by experts.

12 filters for convenient new talent search

Our database can be searched by various parameters: style, movement, period, plot, price, size, color - all that is of use to find your gem.

Direct communication with artists

We do not set any barriers between you and the artist. Write directly to the artist, ask for more images, annotation or delivery details.

Art selections by Arthive experts

Arthive encourages beginner artists, but we realise that a demanding collector needs a different approach. 
We have a separate selection of artworks, approved by our expert art critics.

Create a virtual collection

Create a virtual copy of your collection in Arthive and share it with the world. People will recognize your collector's talent and, possibly, your collection will become the collection of the month in Arthive and get new chances for development.

Put artworks for sale

Vous collectionnez depuis plusieurs années? Vous avez certainement de nombreuses œuvres dont vous vous débarrasseriez volontiers.Téléchargez-les dans votre collection et mettez-les en vente ou échangez-les, grâce aux possibilités d'Artchive vous trouverez facilement des acheteurs.

Manage your collection in Arthive

Organize your collection. Divide artworks by theme and easily move pieces between these subcollection.

Follow artists and never miss a new artwork

Vous recherchez les œuvres d'un artiste concret? Abonnez-vous à cet artiste et ne manquez aucune œuvre : toute nouvelle œuvre de n'importe quel utilisateur s'affichera immédiatement dans votre flux personnel !

Find friends and peers, follow them and read their posts in the news feed

Arthive unites artists, gallerists and collectors from all over the world. Follow the new pieces in galleries, talk to like-minded people and follow them 
too. All updates will be on your news feed.

You have viewed works in the Arthive but have not found what you were looking for?

Write and tell us what you are missing. We are always available and will get back to you.

What you can do on Arthiveright now

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