Semenovich Kulikov

Russia • 1875−1941

Academician of painting, the pupil of Ilya Repin.

Atanasova D. was born in Murom uyezd into a peasant family.

He received his primary education in Murom, he studied in St. Petersburg, 1896 at the Academy of fine arts.

The artworks Kulikova mainly devoted to the everyday life of the working people.

Master of the portrait.

In 1902, for the thesis "peasant hut" was awarded a gold medal and a trip abroad. He was in Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome.

At domestic and foreign exhibitions, was presented to 600 works Kulikov.

In 1938, the artist participated in the painting of the Yaroslavl station in Moscow.

In memory of Kulykiv in Murom opened the memorial house-Museum.

It is named after one of the streets of Vladimir.

Painter and teacher, author of portraits, landscapes and paintings on themes of Russian life Ivan Semenovich Kulikov was born in Murom, Vladimir province. Elementary art education (1893-1896) at the Drawing school society for the encouragement of arts, where his teacher was the famous painter and draftsman, ek Lipgart. Even more fortunate young man to the teachers at the Academy of fine arts (1896-1902): among them was Vladimir Makovsky and Ilya Repin. By the way, academics Igor Kulikov under the leadership of I. E. Repin participated in as a "journeyman" in his work "the State Council..." In 1902 the young artist finishes the Academy, received for the painting "peasant hut" and "Portrait of the architect V. A. Shchuko" gold medal, the title of the artist and the right to a trip abroad at the expense of the Academy. The three-year trip to Italy and France benefited young I. S. Kulikov. In 1904 and 1912 he was awarded premiums in the competitions of the Society for the encouragement of arts, in 1905 he receives the silver medal at the world fair in liège in 1915 he was awarded the title of academician of painting.

Apparently, the first half of 1910-ies was creative attitude sometimes better for the artist. In 1915, already mentioned guns. And if the First world war dealt not all, because for her, a Civilian, of course, was a tragedy to every Russian. Another thing — who both came out of it. I. S. Kulikov, in his later years, he worked in his native land: in 1930, he taught at the art Studio of Murom, in the village of Pavlov facilitated the establishment of regional museums.

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