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Nikitovich Nasedkin

Russia • born in 1954

Born April 4, 1954 in Ivdel in Sverdlovsk region. In 1971-1976 gg studied at the graphic art faculty of Nizhny Tagil state pedagogical Institute.

Member of artists Union of Russia since 1983, Honored artist of Russia.

Works are in State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), State Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin (Moscow), State Museum of arts of peoples of the East (Moscow), in art museums and galleries in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, Japan, Holland, France, USA, Spain, Canada, Austria and others.

Born April 4, 1954 in Ivdel in the Urals.

In 1976 he graduated from the Nizhny Tagil pedagogical Institute, art-graphic faculty. Honored artist of Russia, lives in Moscow.

In any Assembly work:

Works are in State Tretyakov gallery,

The state Museum of fine arts. Pushkin

State Museum of arts of peoples of the East in Moscow,

The Museum of modern art in Yerevan

museums and galleries in Perm, Saratov, Krasnela, Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Lipetsk, Yelets, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kaliningrad, Irbit, Lviv, Lower Toure

private collections in USA, UK, Poland, Canada, Germany, Italy, Nicaragua, Hungary and Cuba.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1982 II International Triennale of drawing, young, young artists. Germany (Nuremberg) and Switzerland (Lausanne);

1983 Solo exhibition. Mary. Turkmenistan;

1986 Personal exhibition. Ekaterinburg;

1988 III international exhibition of miniatures and small boat RA format. Toronto. Canada;

1989 II international festival of graphic arts. Menton. France;

1989 Impreza. I International Biennale. Ivano Frankivsk. Ukraine;

1990 Integral-90. I International Biennale. Lions. Ukraine;

1990 Ksilon. XI International Triennale Gras fury. Winterthur. Switzerland;

1990 V international exhibition-fair. Los Angeles. USA;

1991 fourth international exhibition of miniatures and small boat RA format. Toronto. Canada;

1991 Soviet-American exhibition calligra IFE. Moscow, New York.

1991 the first international exhibition of printed graphics Ki small. Susekullen. Sweden;

1991 Kuprum - V. V International Biennale of graphics chutney PE on the metal. Lublin. Poland;

1991 VI International Biennale of print gra fics. Varna. Bulgaria;

1991 VII international exhibition of printing gra graphs of small forms. Lodz. Poland;

1991 VII international exhibition-fair. London;

1991 Personal exhibition. Moscow;

1991 Personal exhibition. Kurgan. Russia.

The author about himself

Love the work, where reality is mastered actively, then there is a simple recognition is difficult in this image that teaches us to master it. The viewer must feel that he doesn't impose someone's will, not putting pressure on him. I'm trying to raise the role of perceiving art. His perception should be as unique as the creative process itself.

I think that the artistic value of the work determines the combination of shapes, colors, lines. The plot often prevents this action of painting, and at the same time, it helps to perceive the purely artistic merits, helps to reduce them to unity. Me and my friends are often blamed for the destruction of visual images, incomprehensible and even meaningless, but we approach the art of poetry and music, where visual, plastic images are in the background and are not being work, because visual images are only one of the means to excite the emotions. But there are others: rhythm, color system, plastic.

I use innuendo, incompleteness, aesthetic hint, striving for simplicity and clarity, avoiding analytical constructs, allegories, and all kinds of symbolism and allegories.


Watercolor series, engravings and lithographs of Vladimir Nasedkina appear in its content is no more real than mirages. However, their shimmering, pulsing, dissolving in the space of the white sheet the colors and lines reflect the very specific experiences and impressions of the artist, a lot of thinking about what surrounds him, many who had gone to the country. The look in his Altai, Karelia, Khakassia, Turkmen or Ferapontov drawings and watercolors documented something reliable, of course, is not necessary. In his works dominated primarily musical-poetic beginning, devoid of the slightest manifestations of naturalism and grounded bytopisatelstva.

V. Mayland


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