Ivanovich Ivanov

Russia • 1782−1810

Dmitry Ivanovich Ivanov is one of those artists who in any country make up the majority of persons who have dedicated themselves to the fine arts.

D. Ivanov was with 1803 students of the Academy of fine arts. He studied with renowned master and teacher G. I. Ugryumova and has proved itself strong academics. In 1805, the young man received a gold medal for the programme, proposed the honorary fan of the Academy of arts by count Potocki S. O. "to Represent the courageous feat of Patriarch Nikon in the taming of popular revolt". Even more fruitful was to Ivanova D. 1806, in which he for the images of nature received small and large silver medals the second gold medal for the program "Reception of Vladimir Monomakh the Greek ambassadors with rich gifts." In the same year he graduated from the Academy with diploma of the first degree and a sword. And in 1808, D. I. Ivanov's painting "Martha Governor's wife" was awarded honorable mention. It is known that in 1808-1810 years, the artist composed a historical-archaeological expedition made a journey through Russia, where he executed hundreds of drawings, drawings, copies of ancient architectural structures. Copies of I. D. Ivanov, with mosaics of Hagia Sophia in Kiev contemporaries considered the most accurate copy of the original drawings. Unfortunately, after 1810 information about the artist's life do not exist.

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