Rustic love

Jules Bastien-Lepage • Painting, 1882, 199.7×189 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Genre scene
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1882
Size: 199.7×189 cm
Artwork in selections: 24 selections

Description of the artwork «Rustic love»

Picture "Rustic love" acquired Sergei Tretyakov, brother Pavel Tretyakovalso collector and philanthropist. When he brought the work of bastien-Lepage in Moscow Valentin Serovand Mikhail Nesterovevery weekend I go to see her. And Nesterov claimed "picture this, the secret, deep meaning, more Russian than French".

To the peasant theme bastien-Lepage spoke often, in this vein, created his best paintings. Before us is a typical rural landscape, on different sides rickety rickety fence we see two lovers. Very subtly reflected their status, a certain tension and awkwardness felt literally physically captured and hard of pent-up tenderness, and obvious embarrassment. No flirting with the peasants there, bastien-Lupa not trying to make the kid an angel, but at the moment – in his face, visible spirituality, awe, excitement. The girl we see from the back, in her hands a flower. The lovers bent their heads towards each other, and it seems that the space between them became dense.

We should also pay attention to the flavor. Colors, in principle, not very much, but what's the gradation! Leading tones – green and brown – presented in a stunning variety. Bright accent pink handkerchief on the fence. Brushwork is free, pasty smear. It is a recognized masterpiece of French naturalism, though, and created the painting in the midst of the impressionist exhibitions (1882-m just be the seventh).

Russian Peredvizhniki with high probability would in this story reflections on peasant destinies, social oppression. Actually, why "would"? Here's a version of the story of "Village of love" (very sad version) observed in the painting by Vladimir Makovsky "On the Boulevard". No French artist. His mood in this painting – contemplation, contemplation, delicate poetry. However, the intention of the author was not always interested critics, as evidenced by this fun fact: the French critics, exploring new painting bastien-Lepage, sought out some background. For example, in one of the reviews stated that the artist showed "typical future husband-henpecked". Allegedly, the girl now look how harshly treats him, even on his side of the fence is not allowed, what will happen when he marries her?!

Author: Alain Grosheva