Dmitrievich (1938-2018) Karelin

born in 1938 • artist

Biography and information

The sincerity and truthfulness of Vyacheslav Karelin's creativity, always balancing on the brink of the permissible, on the brink of the possible, not only could, but also irritated professionals, brothers in the shop. And yet he was recognized, accepted in this difficult world, despite the properties of character, so special, so unique that it remains to pity those who did not know him personally.
The artist’s approach could seem unnecessarily simple, at times rude, but this is far from the case. In the complete absence of external pathos attributes, he was a true gourmet of painting. Painting was not a profession, it was his essence. He never acted spontaneously. Every
the study became a study of the laws not so much of composition as of being itself. Karelin was not a opportunist. For him, PR, ratings, titles, commercial addictions were anti-psyche, enemies of creative hunger, and creative hunger seeks food through trained imaginative perception, capturing and imprinting on canvas.
The widest range of techniques, painting manners, styles. The impression was that Vyacheslav was in constant search for new, OWN ways of artistic expression ... A fighter, a real fighter from painting. Not afraid of more and more new pictorial experiments ... To find such an artist who would suddenly dare, easily "change his handwriting" - out of his artistic curiosity only - is very difficult ... And Vyacheslav, as you can see, was just such a very rare breed of artists. Artists, for whom OWN, the inner SELF-ESTIMATION, was much more valuable than those judgments and assessments that were given to his works by both his viewers and his comrades in the shop.
He was a true gourmet of painting.