Valerievna Mitina

Russia • Moscow • born in 1984 • artist
Born on March 24, 1984 in Ruzayevka, the Republic of Mordovia of the Russian Federation. Russian.
Artist-master of decorative art. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (2011), candidate of cultural studies (2012).
Graduated from: Children's Art School of Arts in Ruzayevka (1999), Saransk Art College named after F.V. Sychkova (2003), Moscow State University N.P. Ogareva (2008), graduate school of Moscow State University N.P. Ogareva (2012).
2008-2018 Lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Traditional Mordovian culture and contemporary art of the INC of Moscow State University N.P. Ogareva. 2009-2012 Junior, Researcher, MBUK "Exhibition Hall", Ruzayevka. 2012-2018 junior, scientific, senior researcher of the Department of Ethnography and Ethnology of the State Public Institution of the Republic of Moldova "NIIGN under the Government of the Republic of Moldova".
In the field of art, she is engaged in painting fabrics (in various mixed techniques of cold, hot and nodular batik), as well as embroidery and ceramics. In scientific activity relies on the study of semiotics traditional Mordovian culture.
Active participant in republican, zonal, all-Russian, exhibitions and festivals. The author is one of the founders and a regular participant in the exhibitions of the creative youth association Siyazh-Art.
Creative works have found application in book graphics and publishing. There is an author's monograph - Mitina V.V. Signs and symbols in the ethnic culture of Mordovians. - Saransk, 2011.76 p.
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