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Mishikovich Zalinyan

born in 1947
Grigor Mishikovich was born in Armenia in 1947, graduated from the Yerevan Art and Theater Institute. For 30 years he devoted himself to teaching in the picturesque Armenian city of Vanadzor (formerly Kirovokan). In 2001, Zalinyan moved to Saratov and remained to live here, on the Volga shores.
The artist is known for her female images, mysterious and sophisticated. Often these images are inspired by his beloved wife Susanna, the artist’s main muse.
Grigor Mishikovich experienced a lot in his life: the loss of his right hand and the earthquake in Armenia, after which he was left without a roof over his head. But the love of life and creativity allowed the artist to retrain to write with his left hand, create inspired, beautiful images in portraits and landscapes of Armenia filled with magic haze, find a new home and provide for his family.
Now Zalinyan is an honored artist of Armenia, and his works are in private collections in Armenia, Russia, France, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Spain.


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