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Russia • Moscow • born in 1990 • artist
Tatyana Grishina was born in 1990 in Moscow. At the age of 10, she became interested in art and connected her whole life with it. After graduation, there was a period of experimentation and formation as an artist. She painted with watercolors, acrylics, oils, but in the end she chose the direction of "Free Artist". In her painting, she calls for a simpler attitude to life, to dream more and not to be afraid to do it! People are an inexhaustible source of energy. Tatyana believes that we are able to share energy on a mental level. Emotions are our most elemental force, capable of attracting, repelling, making us believe or be disappointed in anything, but its main ability to transfer energy from person to person. Most often writes in abstraction and post-impressionism. The fundamental point in works is the transmission of the image through many shades and the imposition of sculptural strokes with a palette knife and a brush on the canvas, betraying all the versatility of emotionality.
1.a_r_t_gallery_every_day Exhibition "The Power of Art"
2. All-Russian creative project "Academy of Art" All-Russian competition-festival "New Names"
3.Contrast gallery. Exhibition - "Eco art Russia".
Laureate of the 1st degree of the All-Russian competition-festival "New Names"
3rd place in the international competition "Golden time
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