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Arthive is a social network and a magazine for artists, collectors, art dealers and art lovers. Arthive makes it easy to manage an art collection, buy and sell pictures, make selections. We are continuously expanding our functionality and add new features for all art market players.

What can Arthive offer
to art lovers

We have collected main functions and showed how one can use Arthive for searching artists, artworks and just for fun.

Follow artists

All notifications from artists you follow will be in your news feed. You will never miss a new artwork, exhibition or publication.

Audioguides and artwork description

Our experts, art critics and artists weekly add new audioguides to popular artworks by old masters. Artworks with audioguides are marked with headphone icon. Artworks with annotations are marked with letter "A".

Recognition of artworks in museums

Just aim your smartphone at the artwork of interest and the app will do the rest for you.
IdentifArt technology uses neural networks to search for artworks in the Arthive database. It returns the search results in a fraction of a second, and you do not have to enter the artwork title or search a catalogue.

Arthive mobile app

Arthive mobile app is very functional, similar or even surpassing the website. Download iOS or Android version

Exhibitions nearby in the app

Walking the city and want to see an exhibition nearby? Go to Arthive app. Our database always contains about 500 current exhibitions.

80 thousand of artists and 325 thousand of artworks

Arthive contains a large artists and artworks database. You can often find information here, that is not available in Wikipedia.

Easy search in the database

Quick search allows to find anything in any section. News, artwork, artist or exhibition? Search everywhere quickly.

Expert selections for inspiration

Our experts are constantly make and update their selections with new artworks. Sometimes these selections get really amazing. See for yourself.

Buy artworks directly from artists

We not only show art, but help artists promote and sell it. Found an artwork you want to buy? Write to the artist, offer your price, find out about delivery options. 
Art is the best investment.

Post on your news feed an read your friends' posts

Artists express themselves through their work. And you can discuss or interpret their work in your own way, find interesting details or share your thoughts upon viewing the artwork. Arthive is created to share emotions.

Find new friends in the world of art and invite your friends to Arthive.

Arthive unites those sharing the love of art. That is why it's easy to find like-minded people. Do not forget to invite your friends from other social media.

Make your own selections

Selections are virtual groups of artwork, connected by the same theme. Or several themes. Or no theme at all. Do not lose what you have found - add it to your selection.

Daily news and publication about art

You have already read the news, fascinating publications on Knowledge section and unique articles in Encyclopedia? If not - this is exactly the time to start.

Love exhibitions? Learn about new exhibitions in your or any other city

Our database in continuously updated by editorial board and gallery owners. We also have a convenient filter by place and date.

Take tests

Whether you know everything about art or know nothing - you will make use of our test anyways. Each answer in the test comes with interesting and useful facts. Try, say, Aivazovsky.

Follow us on other social media

Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Yandex.Zen - Arthive is everywhere. Read wherever you like.

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