Old Artists

Thousands of famous paintings by famous artists are collected in the galleries of Arthive. Authority and brush have glorified the names of the Old Masters for centuries. You can study high-resolution images in detail, as well as read descriptions of the artworks and get acquainted with biographies of their creators. Raphael and TitianVeronese and Michelangelo – the paintings of the most famous world’s artists are waiting for you to discover their secrets.

Use filters and settings to see the artworks created in a particular country or at a specific time period. Set the art movement, medium and subject of the paintings by the Old Masters to delve into the topic. Some of them created their own schools of painting, and the collection settings can help you track the masters and their followers.

If you are a newbie in the vast world of fine art, an alphabetical list of famous artists will help you out. You can create your own gallery, or you can rely on the tastes of other Arthive users who have already marked the most popular artists and their works, in their opinion. There are many publications about famous Old Masters in Arthive, as well as their detailed biographies and galleries of their artworks.

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