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Artwork sales, audio guides, recognition, mobile portfolio. We make art life easier.

Über Artchiv

Arthive is a social network and a magazine for artists, collectors, art dealers and art lovers. Arthive makes it easy to manage an art collection, buy and sell pictures, make selections. We are continuously expanding our functionality and add new features for all art market players.

What can Arthive offer
to an artist

We have collected main functions and showed how to use Arthive to promote yourself and your artwork.

Show your work to the community

Thousands of your potential fans are registered in Arthive: art lovers, experts, curators and art dealers.

Add audio guides to your works

Audioguides in several languages can be available upon downloading audiofiles from the artwork page, and the users can listen to them right in the app.

Artwork recognition

Just aim your smartphone at the artwork of interest and the app will do the rest for you.
IdentifArt technology uses neural networks to search for artworks in the Arthive database. It returns the search results in a fraction of a second, and you do not have to enter the artwork title or search a catalogue. The function is available to PRO account users.

Mobile portfolio

Your portfolio is always at your fingertips. Go to artist's app from your Arthive account to demonstrate your artwork. The function is available to all PRO artists.

Manage your portfolio

It's even easier to manage your portfolio now. Add your artwork to Arthive, create subcollections and move artworks between them.

Sell artworks

Put your artworks for sale If you want to analyse statistics of the visits of your artwork, go to PRO account.

Write to your buyers directly

Communicate with buyers without agents. Chat is available both in web and mobile version. You will always stay in touch.

Follow the galleries of interest

There are over 250 galleries registered in Arthive. Are you interested in their news or exhibitions? Follow them and be the first to know.

Advertise your exhibitions

Are you on the exhibition? Add an exhibition and indicate the gallery. Your announcement will be seen by all your followers and gallery followers.

Post news on Arthive news feed or keep a blog

Arthive news feed is just as convenient as in any social media. But our audience is unique. Your news and your blog will be read by people, who are real art lovers.

Get new followers and show them your art

The more artwork you add and the more posts you publish, the more people will be interested in your art.

Make selections 
for inspiration

Arthive has collections and selections as well. Those are virtual selections of artwork by any topic. All Van Gogh self-portraits? Windows in paintings? Venice in pictures? Anything you like.

Follow news and publications in Arthive

Arthive employs expert journalists, who daily write news articles and publish interesting encyclopedic articles on art. Be on top of the events and study new things.

Create your apps 
for iOS and Android at Arthive

For the most demanding users we offer creation of their own iOS and Android apps. Personal page for demonstration of artwork and communication with fans and buyers. And this is hundreds times cheaper then developing an app from scratch.

Artists are already selling theirworks in  Arthive

Join, sell your art, create collections and meet your peers.

What you can do on Arthiveright now

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