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Interior, mother and sister of the artist

Painting, 1893, 46.3×56.5 cm

Description of the artwork «Interior, mother and sister of the artist»

"Interior, mother and sister" - one of the most daring works of Vuillard. In the reproduction at first glance it is very easy to confuse it with color lithography: face-masks and hand in a single tone, a clear, almost decorative, pattern background, solid black spot dress. The Vuillard, passionate about Japanese art and prepared to print a lot of my own prints, takes in the beautiful work of visual effects inherent in colour printing. It maintains the texture stroke oil in other parts of the picture, giving us a chance to make a mistake with a second look at the work. This delicate painting.
But the audacity Vuillard's not even in the technical elegance of this little work is so intimate, revealing personal connections, thoughts, and relationships that can cause a feeling of unease and anxiety. As if you overheard a quarrel or a confession not meant for your ears.
Women in this strange double portrait of the artist's mother, Madame Vuillard and his sister Marie. They are in space, ready to bring anyone to claustrophobia. If Mary would unbend, she would have to hit a picture frame. The effect of tightness, even threatening the mobility space complete falling forward, chest and table, jumped up the floor. Certainly, at the borders of the canvas were only the lower part of the room, but the figure of Marie makes clear that all! The ceiling is also somewhere nearby, he falls and is hanging just above your head.
Marie in this uncomfortable space, pattern Wallpaper blends with the pattern on her dress and the walls absorb her figure, she is lost here, is only part of the interior. It is a world which is dominated by the mother – that she feels relaxed and confident. It is her world.
Madame Vuillard was 27 years younger than her husband, a retired military and was soon left a widow without means of subsistence and with two children who had yet to learn and to grow. And then she opened a tailoring shop where she worked and hired assistants. In this house was held on it all. Mother at work, she ordered it, patterns, scissors, patterns on fabrics, the Vuillard would write constantly. He will live with his mother until her death (Bujaru will be 60 years old when his mother will not) – and these couture decorations are the interior of his own adult life.
Modern art critics find these small personal works Vuillard not only drew, Frank confession, but also socially sharp. Dramatic changes in society of that time contribute to the search for such meanings. Or at least make them justified. This is the era when women begin to work and get out of the kitchen, when gender and social models are changing rapidly. In another work of Vuillard "Interior with Desk" Marie, standing back, looks like something out of the side of the shop – the pattern of her dress is repeated in several elements of the surrounding space. She is just what she's doing in these walls: a monotonous, quiet, repetitive work, endless patterns, from which dizzy.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova

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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait, Interior

Style of art: Post-Impressionism, Symbolism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1893

Size: 46.3×56.5 cm

Artwork in selections: 10 selections

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