Solomonovich Wexler

Russia • 1905−1974

(1905, Gorki, Mogilev province – 1974, Leningrad)

Soviet production designer in the movies, schedule. In his youth a member of UNOVIS. Brother of the artist M. S. Wechsler. The father of the operator, and script writer Yuri Veksler – laureate of the State prize of the USSR in 1985 for the film "Boys".

In 1921 – 1922 he studied at the Artistic-practical Institute (Vitebsk) first

Yu pan, then Malevich. Upon graduation, he moved to Petrograd, he entered the VHUTEMAS graduated in 1925, passing the practice (1924), in Ginhuke.

He worked at the Studio thumbnail. Participated in the creation of many of the films in the Treasury of the Soviet cinema: "Man overboard" (1931), "Product No. 717" (1932, not preserved), "Soldier's son" (1933), "Anton Ivanovich is angry" (1941), "the Great citizen" (1938), "for the Motherland" (the heroic narrative based on the play by K. Simonov "Russian people" (1943), "Akademik Ivan Pavlov" (1949), "Mussorgsky" (1950, in 1951 the film won the award For "best design" at the Cannes film festival), Rimsky-Korsakov (1952), Aleko (1953), "tiger girl" (the cult Soviet Comedy of 1954, in which, in particular, thanks to the invitation

A. Veksler made his debut Nina Urgant), "Talents and admirers" (1955), "Mister X" (the film adaptation of the operetta by Emmerich Kalman "the circus Princess, in collaboration with E. Less,1958), "do Not have a hundred rubles" (1959), "Ballet miniatures" (1960), "virgin soil upturned" (3rd series) (1961) "return to music" (1964) and others

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