Dmitrievich Vucichevich-Sibirskiy

Russia • 1869−1919

From the village of Hay Kharkov province in the early 1890s, arrived in St. Petersburg to enroll at the Academy. Among teachers and academics was I. Shishkin. For the painting "Morning in Helgoland" graduate of the Academy received the title of artist. During these years, begins to exhibit his works at numerous exhibitions that took place in what was then Russia: St. Petersburg society of artists, OH, TPRH etc. Since 1890, lives and works in Tomsk, which was mishandled for participation in one of the revolutionary circles of St. Petersburg. Starts the Siberian period of the artist. Exhibited in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of European Russia, and in Tomsk, and Barnaul.

Born in the province of Kherson, the exact place of birth unknown, in 1869, Died in Shcheglovsk Tomsk province in 1919, In the early twentieth century, the artist left the capital city and settled in Tomsk. An Amateur musician, he brings to the motives of their paintings the poetics of Russian romance and folk songs, where human destiny is often associated with images of nature. Vucicevic, was an avid traveler and in his works showed a variety of Russian landscapes of the Urals and Siberia. Being fond of astronomy, the artist has created, looking through a telescope, landscapes of the moon. In 1919, vuchichevich and his family were brutally murdered in a deaf taiga Zaimka, where the artist moved from Tomsk in search of peace and solitude. Most of the creative heritage of the master was missing.

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